2020-21 Schedule

Period 1 – 10:00-10:40 (40 Minutes)
Period 2 – 10:43-11:17(34 Minutes)
Period 3 – 11:20-11:54(34 Minutes)
Period 4 – 11:57-12:31(34 Minutes)
Period 5- 12:34-1:44 (Class & Lunch)
Period 6 – 1:47-2:21 (34 Minutes)
Period 7 – 2:24-3:00 (36 Minutes)

Lunch Schedule

Lunch A- 12:34-1:04 Class period- 1:08-1:44 (36 Minutes)
Lunch B – 1:14-1:44 Class period- 12:34-1:10 (36 Minutes)

Attendance will be tracked and kept by each teacher and the main office. Students are required to log into the classroom on their remote days. Students are also required to complete all assignments/classroom activities as scheduled and assigned by the classroom teacher.

On Mondays, attendance will be based on students completing a google form by 3pm. This will be sent by their advisory teacher using ParentSquare. All students at the high school will have remote (asynchronous) learning on Mondays. They will not log into classes that day unless directed by the teacher.

Whether a student attends school in person or fully remote, they are required to log into their classes during that period via Google meets (see period schedule above).