We made it through Day 1 of online learning!  We are taking small steps with this as the teachers find their footing, as well as parents and students doing the same.  Great strides have been taken today to secure technology for those in need.  More and more lunches get distributed daily, and we hope to continue to grow that number if the state of Ohio is granted a waiver.  Thank you for your patience as we move through this.  It was a week ago that we started hearing a rumor that schools may be shut down.  I have been especially humbled by the fantastic efforts of so many in such a short time.  

We continue to empty out our schools of personal belongings.  Many of you may be contacted in the next two days to come to the office at your child’s school in the morning to retrieve those belongings. We simply want to clear the buildings of everything before we begin our deep cleaning process.

It was sad to walk through the buildings today to see them empty. Staff have been extremely diligent about trying to clear items out quickly, but March typically brings about a great deal of energy in the schools as winter fades away and spring comes in to focus. My spirits were buoyed by reading/watching some of the fantastic lessons our staff attempted today. A good friend of mine said that this is not business as normal, but normal business done differently. We are still going to work to educate and feed kids, but also to try and check on their well-being. How we do that is drastically different, but I am confident we can do it together.

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards