Another day, another round of new information.  While there are many questions right now, know that we are working on the answers.  Some of these answers will take us some time to formulate, so thank you in advance for your patience.  Here are the important take-away concepts for today:

– Packing– Governor DeWine state on Sunday that schools should be prepared to be closed for the remainder of the year.  While that is not an official declaration, we are taking prudent steps to prepare for this possibility.  Therefore, teachers have been asked to clean out their rooms as if they are preparing for summer.  This will also assist us with the deep cleaning process.  Thank you to everyone who was able to come and retrieve belongings today.  The offices at each building will be open from 8-3 tomorrow and 8-noon on Wednesday-Friday.  We will have people who can assist you with getting those belongings the next few days.  If you are unable to come this week, we will look for how you can get those materials in the comings weeks.
Voting– Per the governor today, in person voting is postponed until June 2nd. Individuals who have cast absentee votes are fine. People are allowed to continue absentee voting until the June 2nd date. Thank you for your patience.
Meals– Thanks to the Farmer and the Deli in Germantown and The Community Action Mission Program (CAMP) in Farmersville, for offering free meals to all students during this time. CAMP has announced that people can contact them at 937-751-6235.
Online classes– We are going to slowly roll out online learning this Wednesday.  Lesson will be small at first as we begin to navigate our way through this process.  There is no reason to stress if you are not able to be online this week.  We completely understand.  Your teacher will communicate with you sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.
Technology needs– If you were unable to complete the technology survey, you will be contacted today or tomorrow by a staff member so that we can better understand the full technology needs of our students moving forward. We will put out a plan to address this in the coming days.
Other activities– Many people are wondering about activities that have NOT been cancelled yet.  We are waiting to see how those events will be shaped by the coming days.  We will keep you posted as we know facts.  

I would like to take a moment to thank the many individuals who have helped throughout this process. I continue to see parents reassuring students, siblings reassuring each other, and staff members working together for the benefit of the students. I can tell you it was difficult to tell staff members today to empty out their classrooms, but they have handled this with the utmost professionalism and care for our students. Thank you to all of you who make this a special place to work and live. GO SPARTANS!!!

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards