It is sad to see teachers packing up their classrooms and students picking up their belongings in March.  However, it is exciting to see staff members working diligently and creatively to enter this unknown time with the full intent of helping our students as much as possible.  While we will take baby steps this week, we hope to be able to improve as we progress.

A few important notes:

– Technology– We are still completing the assessment of the needs of our students in terms of devices and internet.  We hope to complete that by this Friday and begin distributing what is necessary Monday, March 30th.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Brian Lemke at

– Kindergarten Registration– We are working on a new process for Kindergarten Registration.  We hope to send out that information tomorrow.

– Personal belongings– Thank you to those who have gone to the school to retrieve personal belongings.  We are working on a system beginning March 30th for this to continue in a more efficient manner.  We will hopefully have that communication to you by Friday.

– Hours– Our work hours are 8-3 every day.  However, just like most businesses, we are exploring how to do as much offsite as possible.  Our building office hours are 8-noon for the remainder of the week.  We will be examining this moving forward.  Any changes that are made will be communicated to you.

– Recognition– If you haven’t seen it, I am very proud of the high school for taking some time to honor and recognize these students who were not able to be recognized in the way they were anticipating.  It is a 7 minute video, but well worth the time to celebrate these students and their achievements.   You can watch the video by clicking HERE. (Note: This was filmed last week).

My goal is to communicate with you all daily this week as we continue to navigate through these strange waters. As we learn more details, we will continue to pass them along to you. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us on how we can make this experience/process better for your student.

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards